How can I learn more about my balance?

Q. How can I see more details about my current balance, pending visits, or historical visits/ payments? 

A. Here at Spring Health, our main goal is to break down the barrier to mental healthcare. One way we are expanding on this goal in 2024 is by showing our customers in their app and on the website their outstanding charges and invoices. 

To access this page:

1. Log In to your Spring Health Account (via Mobile app or on your Desktop) 

2. Visit your 'Account' Page 

3. Select 'Billing and Payments'

OR simply log in and select this URL:


Once you are on the Billing and Payments Page, you will see the following:

Action Required
  • See sessions associated with the outstanding bill.
  • 'Pay balance' will allow you to pay for your full balance.
  • Pay now' will allow you to pay for a specific charge
View Statement
  • Download a PDF of your outstanding balance
Pending invoices
  • View appointments that are still in progress with Insurance or Spring Health. 
Completed Invoices
  • Access past bills that have been paid for
Sponsored Sessions
  • Identify sessions covered by your employer (if applicable)
Payment History
  • Review historical payments you have made

We're committed to making bill payment easy for our members. This includes still sending email notifications when a new bill is available, alongside the recent improvements to our website and app.




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