How is coaching different from therapy?

Q: How is coaching different from therapy?


A: While coaching and therapy share similarities, they serve distinct purposes. Therapy involves clinical care provided by licensed professionals who can diagnose and treat mental health conditions. On the other hand, coaches are not licensed to offer clinical care or diagnose mental health issues. Instead, they focus on providing support through education and skill development to help individuals progress towards personal goals.


To better grasp the contrast between coaching and therapy, consider this analogy:


A Spring Health Coach acts as an empathetic copilot for your journey. When your path is relatively smooth and your vehicle is functioning well, coaching assists in creating a map and plan to reach your next destination.


A Spring Health Therapist functions like a trusted mechanic. Therapy aids in establishing or reinforcing a strong foundation and resources to ensure a smoother journey ahead.


It's essential to note that therapists and coaches often collaborate to enhance overall health and well-being.


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