What is family therapy?

Q: What is family therapy?


A: Family therapy is a valuable form of mental health treatment that focuses on enhancing relationships within families. This type of therapy aims to address specific mental health issues affecting the family unit as a whole. Family therapy sessions may involve parents and children, siblings, grandparents, and other caregivers.


The primary goal of family therapy is to foster a supportive environment where families can openly discuss their challenges, learn effective communication skills, and collaborate on solutions for improvement. 


Our trained family therapists utilize proven methods and techniques to facilitate understanding and support within the family dynamic. Family therapy can be especially beneficial for families navigating conflicts, substance abuse issues, mental health conditions, financial stressors, or significant life transitions.


If you're ready to take this important step towards self-care and growth by connecting with a family therapist, browse our providers here to schedule an appointment: https://care.springhealth.com/browse/therapists

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