Will the provider tell me what they discuss with my child/teen?

Q: Will the provider tell me what they discuss with my child/teen?


A: We understand the importance of transparency and involvement in your child's therapy journey. Therapists value the role of parents in supporting their children, but the level of involvement may vary based on your child's age and specific circumstances.


To maintain a trusting relationship between the therapist and your child, therapists typically do not disclose every detail of their conversations. This approach helps safeguard your child's privacy and fosters open communication within the therapeutic setting.


During the initial session, your child's therapist will have a conversation with you about the extent of confidentiality recommended for your child. This discussion provides an opportunity for you to express your needs and concerns while understanding the therapist's rationale behind their suggestions on confidentiality.


Ultimately, both you and the therapist will reach an agreement on what information can be shared with you. Rest assured that as a parent, you always have the right to access your minor child's medical records if necessary.


We aim to create a collaborative environment where everyone involved feels informed, respected, and supported throughout the therapeutic process. Your active participation is valued, and we're here to address any questions or concerns you may have along the way.

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