How do I talk to my teen about going to therapy?

Q: How can I talk to my teen about starting therapy?


A: When approaching the topic of therapy with your teen, it's important to be understanding and empathetic towards their feelings. Find a quiet and private moment free from distractions to have this conversation. Approach the discussion with care, expressing your concerns in a non-judgmental manner. Let them know that your intention is to support them in feeling their best.


You can start by sharing observations about their behavior or emotions that have led you to consider therapy as a helpful option. Listen attentively to your teen's perspective and validate their feelings throughout the conversation. It's normal for them to have mixed emotions about the idea of therapy, so be prepared to address any worries or fears they may express.


Highlight that therapy provides a safe and confidential space for them to explore their thoughts and emotions. Assure them that the therapist is there to assist them in navigating any challenges they may be experiencing. Reassure your teen that seeking help is a courageous step towards growth and well-being, not a sign of weakness.


Above all, convey your genuine support and dedication to their mental health and overall well-being. Remember, we're here to help you navigate these conversations with care and understanding.

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