Can I see multiple therapists at the same time?

Q: Can I see multiple therapists at the same time?


A: Spring Health supports your decision to switch therapists if you feel your current therapist isn't the right match for you. However, we do not recommend seeing multiple therapists simultaneously. While it may seem beneficial to gain different perspectives, it can inadvertently clash with the treatment approaches of each therapist.


For instance, if therapist Anna advises setting boundaries with your challenging Aunt Karen, and then therapist Janice suggests cutting off contact entirely, this could create confusion and emotional distress for you. Each approach has its own merits and drawbacks, but trying to implement both simultaneously would only add complexity to resolving the issue.


It's important to work with one therapist at a time to maintain clarity and focus on a consistent treatment plan. We are here to support you in finding the best therapeutic fit for your needs and ensuring a smooth journey towards your mental well-being.

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