Since the sessions are remote, can I see my provider when I am out of state for work or personal reasons?

Q: Can I see my provider for a session when I am out of state for work or personal reasons?


A: We understand that life can take you to different places, but unfortunately, seeing your provider while out of state isn't always possible due to licensing regulations. Providers are required to hold a license in the state where the member is physically located during the session. This ensures that they are practicing within the legal and professional guidelines of that specific state.


While not all providers may be licensed in multiple states, Spring Health does have many providers who hold licenses in various states. If you anticipate being in a different state during a scheduled session, we recommend reaching out to your provider for guidance. They can assist you in determining whether your session can proceed while you're away or if it would be best to reschedule for when you're back in your home state.


Your well-being is important to us, and we strive to make accessing care as seamless as possible within the boundaries of licensing requirements. Feel free to discuss any concerns or questions with your provider so that they can support you effectively during your time away.

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