What is medication management?

If you're experiencing severe symptoms that might be related to your medication, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room. If you need crisis support at any time, please call the Spring Health Crisis Line by dialing 1 (855) 629-0554 (choose option 2). Severe symptoms can include, but is not limited to: chest pain, sudden hives, significant stiffness in muscles, sudden high fever, loss of speech, significant uncontrollable shaking.


What is medication management?

Medication Manager is an umbrella term for Psychiatrists, Physicians, and Nurse Practitioners who specialize in mental health and can prescribe medication. Medications may be indicated when your symptoms are not responsive to psychotherapy alone. When a mental illness markedly impacts your ability to work, maintain interpersonal relationships, or properly care for your basic needs, medication may offer much-needed relief. 


Not everyone is a good candidate for medication treatment. Such treatment requires adherence to prescribed dosing frequency and close follow-up. Your ability to adhere to medication treatment will be taken into consideration in making the decision to start such treatment. Additionally, your physician will discuss the risks, benefits, side effects, government warnings, and alternative treatments (which always includes not using medications) with you to help you determine the best treatment options available for your specific needs. 


Controlled Substances

To prioritize patient safety and compliance with established guidelines, Spring Health providers are not able to prescribe controlled substances. If your tele-provider determines you need this type of medication, you may be referred to your primary care provider with a recommendation to prescribe this medication. Kindly note that appointments with off-platform providers cannot be counted towards your sponsored sessions through Spring Health.

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