Can I use my HSA/FSA for payments and do you offer payment plans or discounts?

Q: Can I use my HSA/FSA for out-of-pocket payments, and do you offer payment plans or discounts?


A: We're happy to support payments through your HSA or FSA. Simply follow these steps:

1. Locate the ‘pay now’ link in your payment email or visit our Billing Website at

2. Enter the lookup code provided in your payment email (found on every payment e-mail or paper statement)

3. Enter your HSA/FSA details.

4. If your card is denied, we ask that you reach out to your bank to understand the denial reason





Although we don't offer discounts, Spring Health is committed to helping you access the care you need by providing payment plans. We will work with you to find a suitable plan, with monthly payments being a standard recommendation. However, we're open to discussing other options.

To set up a payment plan, contact us via with your inquiry or call our billing team at (855) 701-1720. We aim to make your experience with Spring Health as smooth and comfortable as possible.

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