How can I check my balance?

Q: How can I check my balance?


A: We make keeping track of your balance as straightforward as possible.  When you have a balance with Spring Health, we'll email you from to let you know. You can then easily settle your balance by following these steps:


1. Check your inbox for an email from us and click the 'Pay now' button.

2. Enter your payment information on the secure page provided.


Alternatively, visit and use the lookup code in your payment emails or paper statements. This will direct you to a page where you can enter your card information and the amount you want to pay.


For a detailed invoice overview, follow these steps:

1. Click 'View Invoice' and enter your date of birth.

2. You'll see information about your visit date, billed amount, and due amount.



We also accept payments via check. If you prefer this method, please send checks to the following address: 60 Madison Ave, 2nd Floor, New York, NY, 10010. Please include your lookup code (found on every payment e-mail or paper statement) or the patient's name and date of birth on the check and send it to:

We're here to support you in keeping your account up-to-date and simplify the payment process. If you have any questions or concerns,  please contact us at with your inquiry or call our billing team by phone at (855) 701-1720.

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