Does Spring Health assist with filing for Disability/FMLA/Leave of Absence?

Q: Does Spring Health assist with filing for Disability/FMLA/Leave of Absence?


A: Filing for a leave of absence is an important decision, and we recommend discussing it with a mental health provider first. Here's some information to guide you through the process:


Many Spring Health providers, but not all, complete paperwork for disability/FMLA/leave of absence. Please note that leave of absence/disability documentation support is dependent on the employer or health plan that sponsors your Spring Health benefit. If you have any questions about your eligibility for LOA/disability documentation support, please reach out to the Care Team.


If you have an appointment with a Spring Health physician/therapist, we recommend discussing the decision with them and asking if they can support you by completing the necessary paperwork. If your provider agrees, submit a request explaining your case and the required paperwork. Attach a copy of your disability/leave paperwork to the ticket or fax it to Spring Health at (833) 885-0567. Our Care Team will guide you through the next steps.


If you're not seeing a Spring Health provider or your provider declines the request for paperwork, submit a request at, live chat, or call (855) 629-0554 and select option 3 for assistance in finding an appropriate provider.  Mention your need for a provider to assist with a disability/leave request. To expedite the process, please include your paperwork in your initial request or fax it to (833) 885-0567.


Please note: 

  • Providers must evaluate your case before completing any paperwork. Your provider may require at least two appointments before completing the paperwork.
  • A Spring provider completing your paperwork doesn't guarantee approval, as your leave of absence department will review and decide on your case.
  • The process can take 10-14 business days, so respond to Care Team outreach promptly to avoid delays.
  • A Release of Information (ROI) is necessary to grant Spring Health permission to send your records to you or another party securely. To learn more about that process, see our article 'How can I request a copy of my medical records for myself or a third party (medical provider, court, parent, spouse, school, insurance, etc.)?'

We're here to support you throughout this process and help prioritize your well-being. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact our Care Team at

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